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How do I update Community membership?

Community Leads manage the Community. They can change Community membership such as invite Members, remove Members and change Member roles. Community Members, on the other hand, are usually instructors or staff who support instructors. Community Members can invite other Members, but they cannot remove Members or change Member roles.

Add Member(s)

☝ You can add multiple email addresses at once as long as they are separated by a space, comma, or are in a new line. 

  1. From the Members tab, click +Add Members at the top right

  2. Type or copy and paste a list of email addresses into the text box. A space or comma should be between each email address 

  3. Click Add Member(s)

  4. Each individual will receive an email notification. If they don’t already have an account, they will be prompted to create one

Remove Member(s)

  1. From the Members tab, select the member(s) by clicking the box next to their email address

  2. Click Remove Members

  3. Confirm removal by clicking Remove # Member(s)

Change Member Roles

From the Members tab, select the member(s) you want to change by clicking the box next to their email address.

  • To promote a Community Member to Community Lead, toggle the Community Lead button from an X to ✓. “Lead” will appear near their name.

  • To demote a Community Lead to a Community Member, toggle the Community Lead button from ✓ to X  “Lead” will disappear near their name.

Add or Remove a Class Lead

When creating a Class, a Class Lead must be designated. In cases where a Class may have more than 1 instructor or the instructor changes, Class Leads can be added or removed.

In order to be a Class Lead, the educator must already be a Community Member. Follow the steps below to add or remove a Class Lead

  1. From the Classes tab, select the Class(es) whose Leads you’d like to change by clicking the box next to the Class name

  2. Click Edit Class Leads

  3. A list of all Community Members will appear, select those you’d like to designate as Class Lead.

  4. Click Save Changes to # Class

  5. The total number of Class Leads and their email address or name will appear in the Class card, just below the Class name.

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