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What is Roster Locking?

Roster locking and unlocking was introduced Fall 2021 to support greater flexibility for how students access the survey.

  • Locked Roster: Only students whose Roster ID is included in a Class Roster are able to access that Class survey.

  • Unlocked Roster: Any student who enters a Class’ Participation Code can access that Class’ survey. They are still prompted to enter a Roster ID and the ID they enter is added to the Class’ Roster.  

By default, Rosters are unlocked to prevent students from being blocked from completing the survey, as indicated by the unlocked lock symbol next to the Class name. However, a potential unintended consequence could be students entering a variation of their Roster ID or using 2 different IDs from 1 survey to the next.

PERTS’ Current Recommendation

  • Populate Rosters to the best of your ability before you ask students to complete the survey.

  • Keep Rosters unlocked until you are confident your Rosters contain all participating students’ Roster IDs. For example, after your school’s schedule adjustment period or after your campus’ add/drop deadline.

  • Review Rosters and adjust them as needed. For example, you may remove students who are no longer enrolled, ensure students used the correct Roster ID, and/or correct any typos in Roster IDs. 

  • Lock Rosters before the second survey to prevent students from adding duplicates or variations of a Roster ID.

How do I lock/unlock a Roster(s)?

Community Leads or Class Leads can lock/unlock Rosters.

  • From the Classes tab, select the Class you would like to edit by clicking the box next to the Class name

  • To lock the Roster(s), toggle the Locked button from an X to ✓. The lock icon next to the Class name will appear locked

  • To unlock the Roster(s), toggle the Locked button from an ✓ to X. The lock icon next to the Class name will appear unlocked

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