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What is Roster Locking?

Leads can lock or unlock Rosters depending on whether they want to prioritize data quality or convenience. Rosters are initially unlocked

  • With a Locked Roster, participants can only access the survey if their Roster ID has already been added to the Class Roster. This ensures each participant is identified correctly every time they submit a survey, but it requires pre-populating the roster before participants can take the survey. 

  • With an Unlocked Roster, participants can add themselves to the Roster the first time they access the survey for a Class. This means the Class Roster does not have to be pre-populated or complete, but unlocked rosters can reduce data quality, for example:

    • If a participant accidentally uses different Roster IDs to access the survey (e.g., they mistype their email, use different email addresses, or use an email once and a student ID a different time), they will be treated as multiple participants. This will skew data and make it harder to detect meaningful changes.

    • Until all participants are added to a Roster, participation percentages may appear higher.

If using unlocked Rosters, ensure participants use a consistent Roster ID to access the survey, e.g., only their school email. Reinforce this by creating a Roster ID Rule (see below).

Roster Tips

  • Create a Roster ID Rule (like “all Roster IDs must end with”) to make sure participants use the appropriate type of Roster ID. 

  • Lock Rosters once your Roster has stabilized, e.g., after your schedule adjustment period or add/drop deadline. This will reduce the likelihood that participants accidentally use the wrong Roster ID. 

  • Review Rosters and adjust them as needed. For example, you may remove participants who are no longer enrolled, ensure participants used the correct Roster ID, and/or correct any typos in Roster IDs. 

How do I lock/unlock a Roster(s)?

Community Leads or Class Leads can lock/unlock Rosters.

  • From the Classes tab, select the Class you would like to edit by clicking the box next to the Class name

  • To lock the Roster(s), toggle the Locked button from an X to ✓. The lock icon next to the Class name will appear locked

  • To unlock the Roster(s), toggle the Locked button from an ✓ to X. The lock icon next to the Class name will appear unlocked

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