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Who can use Elevate?

Elevate is designed to be used by classroom teachers of grades 5-12 and can be used in any subject area. It is commonly used in math, ELA, science, social studies, foreign language, and visual and performing arts classes. 

Individuals who support teachers’ training and development (e.g., instructional coaches, school leaders, support organizations) can also leverage Elevate in collaboration with teachers to: 

  • Understand trends in students’ experiences, 
  • Identify opportunities for professional development, and/or 
  • Identify, celebrate, and learn from the wisdom of teachers, departments, or other organizational units that are exceptionally good at creating engaging and equitable learning conditions.

Check out our Community of Practice protocols that are designed to support the formation of groups of faculty using Elevate together to improve.

PERTS does not recommend surveying students in more than 4 of their classes at the same time because of the possibility of survey fatigue.

Interested in implementing Elevate with younger students? Review the related article, Can I use Elevate in grades K-4?

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