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Can I combine my Class/Group reports into a single Community report?

Class/Group Leads can combine multiple Class/Group reports into Community report(s) if they desire. This can be particularly helpful if a teacher wants to view aggregate data for all of their Classes or for subsets of their Classes (e.g. combine all Algebra 1 classes into a single report and all Geometry classes into another). Every Class/Group can appear in several Communities simultaneously.

Note: Unlike Class reports, Community reports will not show participants’ open-ended responses.

  1. From the homepage, create a new Community.

  2. Return to the homepage, then locate the Classes/Groups that you want to add to the new Community. You’ll need to locate the Community they’re currently in, then click Classes/Groups.

  3. Add your Classes to the new Community.

  4. Repeat as desired.

  5. You can expect your new Community report to generate the following Monday.

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