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Student Reflections on Learning Conditions

In a 2019 study, students who experienced positive learning conditions in a class were 30% more likely to earn an A or B in that class, and those benefits were pronounced for students of color. Elevate helps teachers gather feedback from students to understand if they are experiencing critical learning conditions and partner with them to determine practice changes that will maximize their learning environment.

In the videos below, students share how the learning conditions measured with Elevate impact their ability to learn and excel.

How Students Experience Elevate

Educators are often concerned about over surveying students. However, when student feedback is validated and acted upon, a feedback process that includes a survey can be a powerful experience for students. In this video, students Finali Solivan, Naina Enock, and Kanaan Smith discuss their experience with Elevate and how it helped them feel valued and cared for and cultivated an inclusive classroom experience.


Student Reflections on Affirming Identities
In this video, students Finali Solivan, Kanaan Smith, and Naina Enock discuss why a specific learning condition, Affirming Identities, is critical to students’ safety, motivation, and engagement. They also describe specific ways their teachers elevate identity and how those practices cultivate classroom community and strong student-teacher relationships. Access strategies for Affirming Identities and learn more about critical learning conditions.

Featured Learning Conditions: Affirming Identities, Classroom Community, Teacher Caring

Student Reflections on Meaningful Work
In this video, students Finali Solivan, Kanaan Smith, and Naina Enock share how their teachers cultivate a specific learning condition, Meaningful Work. They describe that being able to make decisions about their learning, seeing themselves in the curriculum, and honoring different ways of learning make their learning experiences more interesting and allow them to experience joy while learning. Access strategies to cultivate Meaningful Work and learn more about critical learning conditions.

Featured Learning Conditions: Meaningful Work, Student Voice, Affirming Identities

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