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When are reports generated?

New and updated reports are available Mondays, by 10am Pacific Time (PT)/ 1pm Eastern Time (ET). They are typically generated every Monday when there has been survey activity the prior week (through Sunday, 11p PT) and there are a total of at least five respondents. Other actions that alter data calculations may also generate new reports. A complete list of actions that may trigger a new report are described below.

You will receive an email notification when a new report is generated. If you expect a report and do not see one review Help! I can’t find my reports, or they didn’t update.
  • Collecting New Data: As described above, new reports are generated when there has been survey activity the prior week. Surveys must be completed by the previous Sunday at 11pm PT in order to be included in the following Monday’s report. In addition, a first report will only be generated when there are a total of at least 5 respondents. Thereafter, a report is generated when any new data is collected.

  • Roster Changes: When a Roster is altered, e.g., identifiers are added, edited, or removed from a Roster or Focal Group, and the changes result in changed calculations Class/Group and Community reports may be generated.

  • Schedule Changes: When past or current survey dates are added or edited and the changes cause survey response to move from one set of survey dates to another Class/Group and Community reports may be generated. Updating or adding future dates will not trigger a new report.

  • New Community Created: When a new Community is created and it includes Classes/Groups from other Communities that have existing data, e.g., PERTS High School decides to create department-level Communities mid-school year, a new Community report may be generated.

  • Changes to the Composition of a Community: Adding or subtracting Classes/Groups with valid survey data from a Community will trigger a new report for that Community. Adding or subtracting Classes will not trigger a new report if the Classes do not have survey data.

  • Changes to the Composition of a Network: Adding or subtracting Communities from your Network may trigger a report.

The following actions may sometimes create a need for a new report, but do not currently trigger new reports automatically because they do not change any of the calculations in any reports:

  • Changing the name of an existing Focal Group or creating a new Focal Group without adding participants to the group

  • Changing the name of a Class/Group, Community, or Network

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