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Orientation to the Schedules Page

The Schedules page contains the survey schedule for each Class/Group. A survey schedule, indicating the dates participants will complete the survey each cycle, must be set so that survey responses can be displayed correctly in reports. From this page, the schedule can be set and updated.

  1. Find Unscheduled - This button helps locate schedule fields that do not contain any dates.

  2. Default Schedule - Defaults are special rules that Community Leads can set to synchronize setup for any new Class/Group that gets created in the Community

  3. Add Cycle to Classes/Groups - The Add Cycle to Classes/Groups button creates an additional cycle or column for one or more selected Classes/Groups. 

  4. Filter The filter box can be used to filter by Class/Group name to locate specific Classes/Groups.

  5. Surveys - Indicate the survey/cycle number and can be clicked to sort according to the start date of the cycle. You may sort to find Classes/Groups that are starting the survey before others, for example.

  6. Batch Edit (Blue Row) - You may use the blue row to edit survey dates or add/delete survey cycles for one or more selected Classes/Groups.

  7. Add Cycle - The Add Cycle button creates an additional cycle or column for the Class/Group in the same row.

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