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Help! I can’t find my reports, or they didn’t update.

Reports are usually generated each Monday by 10am Pacific (PT) /1pm Eastern (ET). 

To find your reports, follow the instructions here. If you follow those instructions and still can’t see your new report, it might be one of the issues below:

  • Were enough responses collected? Reports are only generated when there are at least 5 completed responses. Maybe you need to collect more data for the report to be generated.

  • Were responses collected during a survey window? Responses need to be collected during a scheduled survey window, otherwise the reports don’t know which cycle those responses belong to. Read how to fix this problem.

  • Were responses collected too late? A survey response must be completed by Sunday at 3pm PT in order to be included in the following Monday's report.

  • I can see the Community Report, but not Class Reports. Only Class Leads have permission to see Class reports. Read more about report types and permissions

If it's none of the issues above, you may have uncovered a bug! Please email with the name of the class or community that has missing reports. We’ll do our best to help.

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