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What are Networks and Network Leads?

Networks enable an advanced reporting feature that PERTS configures at the request of a partner organization. 

  • Network is a group of Communities. 

  • Network Lead is a person who has special permissions associated with a Network (details below). A Network Lead is typically an organizational administrator, coach, or the facilitator of an improvement initiative. 

  • Network Reports are designed to help Network Leads understand trends and identify bright spots across multiple Communities.

Network Lead


View Class/Group Reports

Edit Class/Group Settings

Add & Remove Class/Group Leads

Edit Rosters

View Participation by Student/Participant


View Community Reports

View Community Members

View List of Classes

View Participation Rate by Class

Create Class in Community

Add Community Members

Add Community Leads

Remove Community Members


View, Add, Remove Network Leads

View Participation Rate by Community

View Network Report

Add Additional Communities to a Network

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