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What are the roles and permissions in a Community?

There are 3 roles in a Community, each with unique levels of permissions and report access as described below.

Class Lead

A Class Lead is usually the instructor(s) for a Class. Only a Class Lead or Community Lead can designate a Class Lead, add additional Class Leads, or remove a Class Lead.

  • Permissions: Class Lead(s) can control all settings for a Class. They can invite or remove other Class Leads, edit the Class Roster, edit the Class survey schedule, and can also add their Class to other Communities where they are already a Member.

  • Report Access: Class Leads can access their Class Reports and the Community Report.

☝ If a Class is added to multiple Communities, the Class Lead(s) automatically become Community Members in each of those Communities.

Community Member

A Community Member includes anyone invited to a Community or anyone whose Class is added to a Community. Typically this includes teachers who are implementing the program and other stakeholders who may need to access the Community report.

  • Permissions: Community Members can add Classes to the Community. They can also view all other Members and Classes in a Community.

  • Report Access: Community Members can access the Community Report. They cannot access Class Reports (unless they’re a Class Lead for the Class in question).

Community Lead

Community Leads coordinate and support implementation for the Classes in a Community. Typically, a Community Lead is an instructional leader, an enthusiastic instructor, or an administrator who is committed to creating a strong community of practice. The person who creates a Community is automatically designated as the Community Lead, though they can also reassign the role or promote a Community Member to a Community Lead. A Community can have multiple Community Leads.

  • Permissions: Community Leads can invite or remove Community Members, add Classes to the Community, and can edit settings for Classes in the Community.

  • Report Access: Community Leads can access the Community Report. They cannot access Class reports (unless they’re a Class Lead for the Class in question).

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