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How to Use the Focal Group Summary in Community Reports

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In Catalyze & Elevate, Focal Groups can be set up in order to support custom data disaggregation. The Focal Group can be set up differently for each Class/Participant Group so it may vary within a Community.

The Focal Group Summary provides a read-out of what focal groups were set for each Class/Participant Group. The “Class/Participant Group” column in this table shows the name of each entity in the Community. The “Focal Group Name” column shows the name of the Focal Group that was set for each — it is left blank when a Focal Group is disabled. Finally, the “# Enrolled” column shows the number of participants that have been marked as being members of the Focal Group.

You can use this table to better understand results from the Focal Group in your reports. For example, from the Equity Overview table in an Elevate report you might notice that the Focal Group has shown considerably more improvement over time compared with participants not in the Focal Group. You could then navigate to the Focal Group Summary, and learn that for most Classes in your Community, the Focal Group was English Langauge Learners and the group represents a strong percentage of the Class. In that case, you would know that teachers in your Community were especially successful at improving learning conditions for English Language Learners.

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