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How to use Detailed Results by Community in Network Reports

Look for bright spots. Use these tables to identify the Communities that are making the biggest gains in improving students’ experiences, Communities that are especially successful in closing equity gaps, and Communities that are providing the best student experience overall. Instructors in that Community may be implementing practices that are exceptionally effective in your context. 

Share effective practices. Follow up with bright spot Communities in order to elevate and spread their effective practices. Give them the opportunity to share their approaches so that others can learn from them. See Community of Practice Resources for Elevate and for Ascend.

Find opportunities to promote equity in specific Communities. Equity gaps of 10 or more percentage points are flagged with a caution icon ⚠The same icon ⚠ appears next to the disaggregation menu to draw your attention when gaps exist.  To close these gaps, review the learning condition guides for Ascend or Elevate. You may also see whether equity gaps are closing in specific Communities by reviewing Detailed Results by Survey.

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