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What accessibility features and languages are available in the survey?

In Ascend and Elevate, student surveys contain a text-to-speech option so text can be read aloud to students to support their comprehension. 

The Elevate survey is available in Spanish. We will continue to find ways to support other languages in the future.

Program materials for educators are only available in English at this time.

How do students turn on the text-to-speech feature in Ascend & Elevate?

  1. Students will open the survey through the teacher instructions or

  2. To enable the text-to-speech feature students can toggle the text-to-speech button at the top of each page, and click the blue speech icons to the right of each question they want read out loud 

How do students access the Elevate survey in Spanish?

Students are able to take the survey in either English or Spanish. Review the video or steps below to help students navigate how to change the survey language. 

  1. Students will open the survey through the teacher instructions or

  2. Once they are logged in they will see a drop down menu on the right which lists English as the default language 

  3. To change the language, students can click the word English and then select Español

  4. The survey will automatically translate all the questions to Spanish

Note that the student can switch back and forth between English and Spanish.

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