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Teacher Implementation Checklist

  1. Before You Get Started

    1. Learn About Elevate (~5 minutes)

      1. Watch: Elevate Introduction video

      2. Read: Elevate Summary of Learning Conditions and Measures

    2. Review or Determine Your Implementation Plan (varies)

      1. Who is leading implementation? Who else will be involved?

      2. In which classes will you implement Elevate?

      3. What student identifier will you use for Roster IDs? (we recommend student school email addresses)

      4. When will you begin and how often will you survey students?

  2. Log in to Elevate (~1 minute)

    1. Register at

    2. Once logged in, you can use the text at the bottom of each page to guide you and the support widget if you have questions. Each step is also outlined below.

  3. Join or Create a Community (~1 minute)

    1. If you’re invited to implement Elevate, you may be directed to a Community when you log in.
    2. If you need to create a Community, all you need to do is click Add Community, select a name, and keep going!
  4. Invite Members (~1 minute)

    1. Click Members in the sidebar.
    2. Review participation teachers. If you need to invite other colleagues, just copy and paste their email addresses and they’ll receive an email invitation to your Community.
    3. If you’re working alone, you don’t need to invite anyone.
  5. Review or Create Your Classes & Rosters (~5 minutes)

    1. Click Classes in the sidebar.
    2. If your Classes & Rosters have been created for you, review them to ensure the correct number of students are included and the Roster reflects your current enrollment.
    3. If they’ve not been created for you, create a Class for every classroom where you’ll implement Elevate.
    4. Populate your Rosters with a unique identifier for each student (we recommend student email addresses).
  6. Review or Set a Survey Schedule (~1 minute)

    1. Click Schedules in the sidebar

    2. Review the schedule or determine how often you’ll survey students and record your schedule.

  7. Introduce the Survey to Students (~5 minutes)

    1. Click Surveys in the sidebar.

    2. Click the down arrow next to the Class name to expand the Class card.

    3. Click Class Survey Instructions for guidance, an email template that you could send directly to students, and the Class Participation Code.

    4. You can also click All Survey Instructions for a list of Participation Codes for each of your Classes.

  8. Survey Students (~5-10 minutes)

    1. Reserve about 10 minutes of class time and instruct students to visit, enter the Class Participation Code, then their Roster ID

  9. Check Participation (~5 minutes)

    1. Click Participation in the sidebar.

    2. Click View by Student. Select your Class and survey dates, then click View.

    3. Follow up with students as needed to ensure they complete the survey.

  10. Review Reports (varies)

    1. You will receive updated reports every Monday at 10am Pacific (PT)/1pm Eastern (ET) after any survey activity. If you did not receive a report, see Help! I can't find my reports, or they didn't update

    2. Review your report and identify areas for improvement 

  11. Improve Learning Conditions

    1. Reference the practice guide as needed.

    2. Implement new practice changes to improve learning conditions for students.

  12. Cycles 2+

    1. Repeat steps 8 - 11.

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